To celebrate Hart Print’s first full year at our Chicagoland location, we wanted to do something extra-special for our team. We were also itching to have our very first artist-brewer can collab in our new neighborhood, so we combined our efforts and came up with this: a Hart Print-exclusive brew to thank our Can-Do Crew.

Since launching our second location in October 2022, we now employ close to 50 Hart Printers at our Chicagoland facility, with shifts running around the clock.

“We’ve made a lot of leaps and bounds this past year,” says Ryan Myers, General Manager of Hart Print Chicagoland. “I’m super proud of our team for their hard work and dedication. We’re in great shape as we head into the 2024 busy season, so let’s celebrate that.”

We couldn’t have found a better collaborator than Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, Illinois’s largest independent craft brewery and industry renegade. We produce cans for dozens of their beverages, which include IPAs, porters, pilsners, Belgian-style ales, pale ales and barrel-aged beers. 

Revolution Brewing generously gifted us their seasonal Fistmas beer. Brewed ONLY in Chicago (like all its beers), this red ale with ginger and orange peel just SCREAMS holiday cheer. Thank you, Revolution Brewing!

For the can design, we were floored to collaborate with playfully provocative artist Amanda Edwards (@hereidrewyousomething), who captured our Hart Print spirit.

“I wanted to make something fun and a little silly,” notes Amanda. “I was thinking about wintertime shenanigans in the Midwest. It’s nice to crack open a beverage with some pals and go play outside in the snow!”

For Amanda, this collaboration goes beyond the can. As a program coordinator for community cleanups and a resource who educates the community on recycling effectively, she identifies with our company’s emphasis on sustainability. “I really appreciate Hart Print’s commitment to creating a product that is fully recyclable. The information out there can be overwhelming and/or confusing at times. I don’t think that recycling should fall so heavily on individual responsibility, but on the manufacturers of the materials. Focusing on a more circular economy would be much more beneficial than creating more waste.”

This project gives us the warm feels for so many reasons, but mainly because it’s our very first Chicago-area artist-brewer-Hart Print collab with folks that we appreciate so much. 

“We had an amazing time collaborating with Chicago’s own Revolution Brewing,” says Ryan. “The can itself is sick (thanks, Amanda!), the beer is delicious and it was awesome having the whole team make their own E6PR Eco-Ring four-packs to take home.”

Cheers to many more holly jolly can collabs!

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