E6PR ECO-Rings and why you we should use them 

Harnessing the technology to print directly on the surface of an infinitely recyclable aluminum can may be the cornerstone of what we do, but our mission goes beyond that. 

Since opening our doors, Hart Print has vowed to never carry plastic six-pack rings for three important reasons: 1. While many are recyclable, the conversion process is energy intensive and toxin-releasing, 2. They’re notorious for entangling and often killing sea animals, and 3. They’re a major culprit of microplastic fibres.

We don’t roll like that.

That’s why we are huge advocates of E6PR (Eco Six Pack Ring) Eco-Rings. Manufactured in Mexico, these compostable and biodegradable alternatives to plastic rings are made from renewable natural fibres; wheat and barley mash is upcycled into a sturdy cardboard-like material that is as effective as plastic in both dry and wet conditions. The product will degrade in less than 200 days, depending on the ecosystem.

E6PR was founded by WeBelievers, Entelequia and a group of seasoned investors in the packaging industry in 2017. Their mission is to harness the power of creative insight and innovative technology to deliver sustainable products that transform the packaging industry and have a positive environmental impact. 

Hey, you know what they say about birds of a feather…

While E6PR is marketed to customers around the world, Hart Print is the first distributor in Québec to carry the Eco-Rings. We proudly continue to offer this add-on to our customers today - and generally at a more competitive price than other providers.

JP Paradis, Hart Print’s co-CEO, explains: “For us, the point of carrying products like E6PR Eco-Rings isn’t about making a big profit off our customers. If we can convert some folks to these eco-friendly alternatives, it’s a win for the environment. In the end, we just want our customers to opt for sustainability.”
For more information about E6PR and other products that we carry, check out our Add-Ons page.