Alex Bird brings big plant energy to our Femme-noménale campaign

To honour the 2023 edition of International Women’s Day, Hart Print trusted the talents of in-house designer Alex Bird to bring our Femme-noménale campaign to life. 

Alex came up with a powerful T-shirt concept for the campaign, which celebrated all the intelligent, talented, strong, passionate and phenomenal women on our team. Screen printed on the back of a mint green long-sleeved cotton tee is a fierce Venus flytrap. 

“In the language of flowers, Venus flytraps symbolize persistence, and women are very persistent,” indicates Alex. “Flowers are beautiful and cool, but we wanted something that shows that women are more than that. Women are tough, we're cool… and we'll eat you!”

Alex has been with the company since January 2023. She was pleasantly surprised to be asked to be part of a project like the Femme-noménale campaign so soon. “Our Head of Creative trusted me to design something within a month of me working here. That filled me with a lot of confidence that this job would be a good fit.” 

The campaign garnered a high participation rate from Hart Print employees; folks of all genders proudly sported their Femme-noménale tees on March 8, and many have since reworn them in and outside of the office. In addition, Hart Print ran a donation-matching campaign for FINCA Canada, a non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions meant to help people – women in particular – build assets, create jobs, and raise their standard of living.

According to Hart Print’s Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Stephanie Hart, the company is very mindful of achieving gender equality in all parts of the business. “I am so proud that women have found a home here, not only in our front office but also in prepress and production. Hart Print is proof that women CAN DO it all.”

As for Alex, she says she is thankful for the support she receives for her talent: “Hart Print trusts my creative process, which means clients do, too. And that gives me freedom to put my personal spin on everything. My team hypes me up and trusts me; they make it easy for me to trust my skills. It's great! I can't think of a better job.”