How eco-friendly are your cans?

Our ink-to-can printing technique eliminates the need for wasteful plastic sleeves and stickers, which makes these aluminum cans


What is your minimum order quantity?

Because of our no-plates digital technology, there are

no minimum orders

and no pesky setup charges!

Can you help me with my artwork?

you freaking bet!

Our design team can help adjust your existing artwork, or we can work with you to make something new. Call us at 1-866-532-HART or send us an email.

What formats do you offer?

We currently print on:


19.2 oz (568 ml) NEW

16 oz (473 ml)

12 oz (355 ml)


12 oz (355 ml)

8.4 oz (250 ml)

Where can I get pricing info?

Let’s break the ice

We’d love to discuss pricing with you. Call us at 1-866-532-HART or send us an email to get in touch with an account manager.

Where do you ship?

We ship our printed cans anywhere within

the USA & Canada

Our logistics team is also here to help coordinate your shipment.

Do you only print beer cans?


Our customers have filled our cans with everything from beer, cider, wine and spirits to seltzer, kombucha and more.

What are your color options?


We offer an unlimited number of colors and a variety of varnish options.

Can i join your team?


We are always on the lookout for new talent! Discover our career opportunities here.


What is digital inkjet printing? How does it work?

A digital inkjet printer that prints on cans is much like an office printer - but on steroids. It can receive multiple digital files, and then queue them as print jobs without stopping. On the inside, things are different… very different.

Our rotating cans stop at five color stations (white, black, yellow, magenta, and cyan), where tiny drops of ink are delivered with precision to the can’s surface. Then we give them a partial ultraviolet cure to help set the ink.

Next, the varnish station gives our cans a boost in shine and texture with a full or selective coat of matte or gloss finish. If you’ve run your fingers across a textured can, you know this dimension adds to the experience of your brand!

Our standard print resolution is 700 dots per inch (dpi).

We currently print on:

19.2 oz (568 ml) NEW! 
16 oz (473 ml)
12 oz (355 ml)

12 oz (355 ml)
8.4 oz (250 ml(8.4 oz)

Yes! We are capable of printing metallic colors on all our formats.

Yes, we do!

For optimal results, give us a call at 1-866-532-4278 or email us and we can give you some tips based on your artwork.

We are proud to offer a selection of silver, black and gold lids (QC 5¢, QC 20¢, US-10 State, recyclable, and no incising / blank). Click here for more information on everything you need to know about our lids and other add-ons.

Adhesion is a priority for us. We've developed the best cans for digital printing with help from our friends at Ardagh Metal Packaging. We use many techniques to protect your beautiful brand - it's all part of our secret sauce!

Our cans are now pasteurization-ready - so don't hesitate to give them a little scratch.

We're committed to maintaining a delivery time of less than three weeks.

We ask that payment be made before your order leaves Hart Print, whether it is prepared for delivery or pickup.


Do you have a specific die-line (template)?

Yes, we do! Select your format, download the template, open the PDF in Illustrator and let’s get creative!

Build your file in a design program like Adobe Illustrator. Remember the following tips:

  • Use CMYK colors only: no Pantone or neon colors!
  • Outline all fonts and embed all images
  • Ensure the image resolution is between 400 to 600 dpi
  • Build any selective gloss or metallic details on a separate layer

Save your file as a high-quality print PDF (default preset); each PDF should include only one SKU and one design. Here’s a quick video to help: How To: Preparing your file for submission to Hart Print

For additional help, contact our design team. Some fees may apply.

No, we need artwork to be submitted using our Hart Print template. But don’t sweat! Our design team CAN adjust it for you. Email us your working file. Please note that charges will apply.

Yes! Our in-house graphic artists and designers are here to help, whether it’s generating barcodes, print optimization or more detailed design services and collaborations. Give us a call at 1-866-532-4278 (HART) or email us. Please note that charges will apply.


What is a dunnage deposit?

To protect your order, we ship your cans with reusable plastic dunnage. You're charged a deposit to cover the cost of dunnage, which is then reimbursed as a credit when it is returned back to Hart Print.

Thank you for returning your packaging material, which helps us all maintain a sustainable operation free of waste and non-reusable materials. Have a look at the image for proper stacking instructions, then follow these steps for returning dunnage:

  • Customers are responsible for coordinating and paying for the shipping of the dunnage return.
  • With your dunnage return, be sure to include the dunnage return information that you received by email. If your return does not include the dunnage return information, we will charge a CAD $50 processing fee to your dunnage refund.
  • Store your packaging materials in a safe, clean and dry environment. Returned materials that are dirty, wet or damaged will not be refunded.
  • Use strapping or pallet wrap to secure pallets, frames and sheets for transportation. Sheets should be weighed down and secured between pallets and frames. Unstrapped or unsecured dunnage kits will not be accepted or credited.
  • If your dunnage return isn't stacked safely, our operators may refuse it upon receipt. All charges associated with dunnage return refusal will not be the responsibility of Hart Print.

Please share this information with the necessary staff in your establishment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


What’s my ETA?

Please pick your ship date in the customer portal and we’ll provide an estimated arrival date based on your location. You can expect your order on or as close as possible to your need-by date. If your order is ready before your need-by date, you can let us know if you'd like us to ship it sooner.

If there are any delays due to any unforeseen circumstances, you'll be the first to know! Always make sure that you provide accurate contact information (telephone and email) so we can send you updates.

When you ship with Hart Print, we handle every step, from the creation of all transportation documentation to arranging your order’s pickup with the transportation company. Just sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

The transportation company delivering on behalf of Hart Print will contact you to coordinate the delivery time and date. If we encounter any delays or issues, our Logistics Team will be on the case to evaluate the issue.

When you place an order through the Hart Print customer portal, please indicate any special delivery instructions. Here are a few examples:

  1. If we need to make an appointment to deliver to your location;
  2. If our transporter should call before delivery;
  3. If there are specific open hours/days for the delivery;
  4. If there is a specific way to approach the building for delivery;
  5. If there is an access for a 53' truck (for a full truck load (53'), the maximum capacity load is 22 pallets, straight loaded - pinwheeled is not possible);
  6. If the delivery is made to a third party (co-packers, storage, etc);
  7. If a tailgate or any special equipment is required;
  8. If there are street closures due to construction work that can prevent delivery or change the conditions of delivery.

This information can be entered in the “Delivery Instructions” or “Comments” section of the portal when you place your order. If special instructions aren't provided in a timely manner, delays or extra charges may be incurred, for which Hart Print takes no responsibility.

By default, Hart Print will ship to the location indicated in our portal. If the order needs to be delivered to a third-party location, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. You can also use the “Delivery instructions” field in our portal to indicate if your delivery is going to a third-party location. To avoid having your oder shipped to the wrong location, please provide this information in a timely manner.

In the case of lost/damaged items when Hart Print is the shipper, orders can be reprinted and a full investigation will take place. The Customer Experience Team will be in contact with you in order to validate the situation and next steps.


How do I schedule my pickup appointment?

Once your order is ready to be shipped, the Logistics Team will be be in touch with you for:

  1. Order payment, if it has not already been done, in order to release the shipment;
  2. Scheduling an appointment for pickup through Calendly.

Pickup appointments MUST BE SCHEDULED prior to picking up at Hart Print and are only available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We prioritize scheduled pickups, so your driver might have to wait if you don’t schedule an appointment.

Provide the name of the transportation company you will be sending for pickup. This information is used as an extra check by our Shipping Team to avoid any mixups.

As a courtesy, we’ll prepare a Bill of Lading with the order information. Make sure your carrier has all applicable pickup information, such as: delivery address, dimensions of the shipment and order number (MTLX#, CHIX# or ELKX#). Please give this to our Shipping Operator upon collection.

Hart Print is not responsible for extra charges, delays or failure to perform pickup or delivery due to error on the information provided to the carriers and errors/omissions on the customer’s Bill of Lading.

The transportation company or driver must provide the Hart Print order number MTLX#, CHIX# or ELKX#. This is the quickest way for our team to locate the correct order. Without it, the driver will have to wait for the Logistics Team to find the correct order in the system. The Shipping Team will provide your driver with a copy of Hart Print’s Bill of Lading, your own Bill of Lading (if one is provided in a timely manner) and the packing slip. For international orders the customs documents will also be provided.

We give priority to pickups with appointments, so if you don't schedule a pickup appointment prior arriving at Hart Print, your carrier may have to wait one to three hours. In some cases carriers without a pickup appointment may even be refused depending on dock congestion. It’s way easier to book the pickup appointment, so please do!

Hart Print will not load partial orders when the wrong equipment/truck is sent by the self-pickup customer. If the carrier sent cannot take ALL the skids associated with an order or pick up instruction, the truck will be refused. All wait time or refusal charges will not be the responsibility of Hart Print.

Should your pickup be refused, be it by Hart Print or the driver, our Logistics Team will be in touch with you to explain the situation as well as to request that another pickup appointment be booked on Calendly. Your Account Manager can also be reached at all times for further information or questions.

Your co-packer must schedule a pickup appointment at least 24 hours prior picking up your order at Hart Print. This gives our Shipping Team time to prepare and stage your order ahead of time.

Remember to provide your co-packer with the MTLX#, CHIX# or ELKX# order number, which we use to cross check that the correct order is given to the driver. You can also choose to provide your own BOL to the third party/co-packer with all the necessary order information, which our team can use as a method of validation.

For a seamless shipping experience, please communicate our processes to any third parties involved in picking up your order. If needed, our Logistics Team is happy to connect with your co-packer or third party receiver to discuss our procedures.


What am I responsible for?

For self-pickups, once transportation documents are signed and/or exchanged with the carrier and the driver leaves Hart Print’s dock, any delivery issues that may occur are not the responsibility of Hart Print and must be handled between you and your transportation company. If needed, Hart Print can provide copies of the transportation documents and/or photos of the way in which your order was loaded.

All transportation companies are responsible for bringing all necessary equipment: correct truck size, load straps, load bars, etc. Hart Print will not provide extra equipment to drivers. Last-minute changes/requests to orders (strapping or double stacking requests) will not be permitted unless special instructions are provided within 72 hours. Please provide these special instructions when placing your order in the customer portal.

All changes and requests that are not made within the 72-hour timeframe prior to pickup will incur a surcharge of $100.00 per pallet manipulated.


What are the benefits of working at Hart Print?

With offices in Canada and the United States, we have unlimited potential for growth and we’re having fun building the team that will help get us there! At Hart Print, our HARTmosphere includes friendly colleagues, a collaborative and eco-friendly work space, competitive benefits, lots of fun perks, an emphasis on a healthy work-life balance, and opportunities to give back to the community. Read more about our vibe here.

We are also big believers in learning and development to ensure that everyone has opportunities for growth and career progression with us.

At Hart Print, we celebrate our differences. We believe our diversity is what makes us successful and such a great and safe place to work. We want you to come as you are with your unique background, ideas and self-expression. Read more about our commitment to diversity in our Sustainability Statement.

The ideal Hart Printer enjoys a culture of collaboration, has the confidence to try new things, likes sharing their ideas, and is responsible, agile and knows how to take action.

Click here to view our most recent job postings, or send us a spontaneous application.

You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application. Your application will be considered for the specific position for which you have applied, or for any future opportunity. Our Talent Acquisition Team will review your candidacy and contact you if you are retained for a virtual introduction.

If the job you’re looking for is no longer active or you don’t see an opportunity that quite fits, feel free to submit your CV through our spontaneous application.

We are always on the lookout for artist collaborators! Contact our Creative Team to get the conversation started. Maybe we are looking for you :)


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