At Hart Print, we’ve always seen our aluminum cans as more than just packaging: they’re as much a fresh surface for our customer’s gorgeous designs as they are vessels for the products that go inside them. 

We were especially touched when artist Martin LeRiche found a way to celebrate the beauty of those cans that would have otherwise gone to the recycling hopper. Martin is also the site superintendent for Acrobat Management, a full-service construction and facilities management company in Montreal, so his art pieces are fittingly practical and impactful: two one-of-a-kind bistro tabletops made from perfectly imperfect aluminum cans.

“It took 100 hours, four trash bags full of cans and six gallons of epoxy to complete,” says Martin. It also took hours and hours of sanding and buffing to get the right amount of clarity and shine.

These two conversation pieces are located in the communal lounge at our Montreal office, where Hart Print staff grab a seat to unwind, have a bite or simply admire the permanently suspended aluminum cans.

“Martin always blows us away with his artistry,” says Stephanie Hart, Hart Print’s co-Founder and co-CEO. “He captured our company’s commitment to sustainability by using repurposed cans in a playful and edgy way. These pieces also showcase our customers’ stunning can designs, which makes the tables all the more special."

Art is everywhere at Hart Print - it’s even in our name. Read more about our commitment to art in Hart Print’s Sustainability Statement.