Frequently Asked Questions

Print + Production

What is digital inkjet printing? How does it work?

From the outside, a digital inkjet printer that prints on cans is a lot like many home or office paper printers - but on steroids. It can receive multiple digital files, and then queue them as print jobs without stopping. On the inside, things are different (very different). The cans will stop at five colour stations: white, black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. At each station, tiny drops of ink are delivered with precision to the surface of the rotating can, it then receives a partial ultraviolet cure.

After the colour stations, the cans make a stop at a varnish station where they either receive a full coat of varnish for a matte or gloss finish or a partial varnish. This allows specific elements of a can to receive a boost in shine and texture. Being able to run your fingers across the surface and feel it pop really adds to the experience of the brand. 

While this technology isn’t new, its application on cylindrical containers has only been introduced recently and is enabling Hart Print to personalize the beverage industry one can at a time.

Do you have more questions? Keep scrolling, chances are they will be addressed in our FAQ section

We currently print on 568ml (19.2oz) 473ml (16oz) and 355ml (12oz) standard, 355ml (12oz) and 250ml (8.4oz) sleek cans.

If you have questions on digital printing on other format, you can contact us at

Yes we do! But with some minor limitations due to the technology.

Because the distance between the printheads and the can increases in the neck of the can, the precision at which ink is delivered to the can surface decreases. It can lead to the print looking slightly pixelated. 

To optimize the printing results, avoid text in the neck, defined images, crips patterns and secondary colours such as RGB.

We know our printer best, we CAN help optimize your art! Give us a call at 514-600-1090 or contact us by email and we can give you some tips based on your artwork.

Currently, we only sell silver lids (Consigné 5¢ QC, Consigné 20¢ QC, Recyclable, sans incision / vierges et US-10 State). Click here for more information on everything you need to know about our lids.

Contact for up-to-date leadtimes.

Artwork + Design

Do you have a specific die-line (template)?

Yes we do! 

Select your format, download the template, open the PDF in Illustrator and get creative!

473ml Standard (16oz)

355ml Standard (12 oz)

355ml Sleek (12 oz sleek)

296ml Sleek (10 oz sleek)

No, we need artwork to be submitted using our Hart Print template, but don't sweat, our design team CAN adjust it for you. Send us your working file by email!

Please note that charges will apply.

Our design team at hARTLAB is here to help!

Give us a call at 514-600-1090 or contact us by email.

Please note that charges will apply... but it will be worth it!!!

Yes! Our design team at hARTLAB is here to help!

Give us a call at 514-600-1090 or contact us by email.

Please note that charges will apply

We live for that! Our design team at hARTLAB is here to help.

Let's talk! Give us a call at 514-600-1090 or contact us by email.

Please note that charges will apply

Don't fret! Our creative rock stars from the hARTLAB are here to help.

Let's talk! Give us a call at 514-600-1090 or contact us by email.

Please note that charges will apply... but it will be worth it!!!

Here's a quick video to help. How To: Preparing your file for submission to Hart Print

For additional help, contact our design team. Some fees may apply.

Dunnage Return

What is a dunnage deposit?

Hart Print is using plastic dunnage pieces, specially designed for beverage cans transportation. These dunnage pieces are expensive and we have to charge our clients for a deposit which covers the total cost of dunnage for each order. This deposit is reimbursed as a credit to the client when dunnage is returned back to Hart Print.

Hart Print thanks you for the effort of returning your packaging material and helping us maintain a sustainable operation free of waste and non-reusable materials.

Please take into account the following recommendations for the return of your dunnage:

  • Customers are responsible for coordinating the transport and covering the cost of the dunnage return.
  • Please print the PDF sent to your email and add it to your dunnage return. If your return does not include the dunnage return information, we will discount a CAD $50 processing fee from your dunnage refund.
  • Careful handling of the packaging material is essential to guarantee the reimbursement of your account.
  •  Dunnage must be clean, dry and free of debris to receive the credit. Returned materials that are dirty, wet or damaged will not be refunded.
  • It is also important that you store your packaging materials in a safe and clean environment (not in an open or outdoor area).
  • Please use strapping and secure pallets, frames and sheets for transportation. Sheets should be weighed down and secured between pallets and frames. Unstrapped or unsecured dunnage kits will not be accepted or credited. 
  • If the dunnage is not stacked safely for our operators to unload, Hart Print Reserves the rights to refuse the return. All charges associated with dunnage return refusal will not be the rresponsibility of Hart Print. 
  • Please refer to the image below for proper stacking instructions to ensure a succesful return of dunnage. 

Please share this information with the necessary staff within your establishment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Logistics - Shipping with Hart Print

What's my ETA?

The production date and order shipping date is determined according to your preferred delivery date when placing the order.

This being said, please choose wisely! Orders that are to be shipped by Hart Print will take the lead time to destination into consideration and we will plan the pickup accordingly.

Orders will be delivered on or as close to your need  by date as possible. If there are any delays due to any unforeseen circumstances, you will be the first to know! Always make sure that you provide accurate contact information (telephone and email) so we can reach you with the necessary updates.

If your order is ready to go in advance of your need by date (Yay, your order is ready in advance!) our Logistics Team will reach out to you to validate if an early delivery would suit your needs.

When shipping with us, Hart Print will handle every step, from the creation of all transportation documentation to arranging your order’s pickup with the transportation company. Just sit back and wait for your order to arrive!

When your order is picked up by a transportation company delivering on behalf of Hart Print, they will be in contact with you in order to coordinate the delivery time and date. In the event that a delay or issue should occur, the Logistics Team at Hart Print will be on the case to evaluate the issue.

When placing an order through the Hart Print website, clients should advise about any special delivery instructions to avoid any hiccups. The below are a few examples:

  1.  If an appointment needs to be taken for the delivery at your location;
  2.  If our transporter should call before delivery;
  3.  If there are specific open hours / days for the delivery;
  4.  If there is a specific way on how to approach the building for delivery;
  5.  If there is an access for 53’ truck;
  6. For full truck load (53’) the maximum capacity load will be 22 pallets, straight loaded, pinwheeled is not possible.
  7.  If delivering to a 3rd party (co-packers, storage, etc);
  8.  If tailgate or any special equipment is required ;
  9.  If there are street closures due to construction work that can prevent delivery or change the conditions of delivery. 

This information can be directly entered in the “Delivery Instructions” section or the “Comments” section when placing your order on the website. If special instructions are not provided in a timely manner, delays or extra charges may be incurred on, and Hart Print will not take responsibility for the aforementioned. We want to ship out your order in perfect condition as much as you are eager to receive your beautifully printed cans!

In the case of lost/damaged items when Hart Print is the shipper, orders can be reprinted and a full investigation will take place. The Customer Experience Team will be in contact with you in order to validate the situation and next steps.

Logistics - Self Pickup

Schedule your pickup appointment!!!

Once your order is ready to be shipped, the Logistics Team will be be in touch with you to touch base on the below:

  1. Pay for the order , if not already done so, in order to release the shipment;
  2. Schedule a pick up appointment through Calendly

Pickup appointments MUST BE SCHEDULED prior to picking up at Hart Print and are only available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. If you dont schedule an appointment your driver may have to wait, since we prioritize scheduled pick ups. 

You need to advise which transportation company you will be sending for pickup. This information is used as an extra check by our Shipping Team to ensure there are no mix ups.

As courtesy, we provide a Bill of Lading with the order information, however the customer is responsible for providing their carrier with appropriate information about the pick up, such as: delivery address, dimensions of the order to be picked up, and order number to be provided to our Shipping Operator upon collection. 

Hart Print does not hold any responsibility for extra charges, delays or failure to perform pickup or delivery due to error on the information provided to the carriers and errors/omissions on the customers Bill of Lading.

Please ensure that your transportation company or driver has the appropriate information to ensure a smooth transaction. We do not like making anyone wait!

The transportation company or driver sent must absolutely provide the Hart Print MTLX# or CHIX#. This is the quickest way for our team to locate the correct order.

Drivers that do not have this information ready on hand will have to wait for the Logistics Team to find the correct order in the system. The Shipping Team will provide your driver with a copy of Hart Print’s Bill of Lading, your own Bill of Lading (if one is provided in a timely manner), and the packing slip. For international orders the customs documents will also be provided.

If a pickup appointment is not scheduled prior to customers' carriers arriving at Hart Print there may be a wait time of 2-3 hours as pickups with appointments take priority. Note that in some cases carriers that arrive without a pickup appointment may even be refused depending on dock congestion. This decision will be up to the discretion of our Shipping & Receiving lead. It's way easier to simply book the pickup appointment, so please do!

Hart Print will also not load partial orders when the wrong equipment/truck is sent if the customer has chosen to self pickup: If the carrier sent cannot take ALL the skids associated with an order or pick up instruction, the truck will be refused.  All wait time or refusal charges will not be the responsibility of Hart Print. 

In the case of any kind of refusal, whether it be on the side of Hart Print or on the drivers end, the Logistics Team will be in touch with you to explain the situation as well as request another pickup appointment be booked on Calendly. Your Account Manager can also be reached at all times for further information or questions.


Logistics - 3rd parties

3rd Party Pickups

Some customers will choose to send a 3rd party or co-packer to pick up their ready order which is a great option! If this is the case, please ensure that the 3rd party  utilized has taken all the necessary steps and has all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and quick pick up. 

  1. Please ensure that your co-packer schedules a pick up appointment at least 24 hours prior to arriving at Hart Print to retrieve the order: this will allow our shipping team to prepare and stage your order ahead of time and minimize waiting time. This being said, we don't expect the driver to arrive exactly at the time scheduled, however it does provide our team with an indication that the order will be leaving our facilities today and you will also be prioritized over others who arrive without an appointment. 
  2. Please ensure that your co-packer has the MTLP or CHIP # associated with your order: our shipping team uses this information to cross check that the correct order is given to the driver. Some customers have multiple orders printing with us at the same time and we wouldn't want to load the driver with the wrong order. The client can also choose to provide their own BOL to the 3rd party/co-packer with all the necessary order information and our team will use that as a method of validation. 

We always aim to provide the most seamless shipping experience to our clients and kindly ask that you communicate our processes to any of your 3rd parties involved so that we can get you your long awaited can’s!

If necessary, the Hart Print Logistics team will also be more than happy to connect with your co-packer in order to provide a refresher on our procedures. Let’s work together and get you your beautifully printed can’s!

If Hart Print is selected to ship the order, the client must provide all details pertaining to the delivery, such as:

  •  If an appointment needs to be taken for the delivery at your location;
  •  If our transporter should call before delivery;
  •  If there are specific open hours / days for the delivery;
  •  If there is a specific way on how to approach the building for delivery;
  •  If there is an access for 53’ truck;
  • For full truck load (53’) the maximum capacity load will be 22 pallets, straight loaded, pinwheeled is not possible.
  • If delivering to a 3rd party (co-packers, storage, etc);
  • If tailgate or any special equipment is required ;
  • If there are street closures due to construction work that can prevent delivery or change the conditions of delivery. 

By default, Hart Print will ship to the location indicated in the Portal when the order is initially placed. If the order needs to be delivered to a 3rd party location, we kindly ask that you advise us at least 48 hours ahead of time so that we may create the proper transportation documentation as well as coordinate with our carriers. 

The delivery instruction field in the Portal can also be used to let us know if deliveries to a 3rd party location is necessary.  If this information is not provided to us in a timely manner, the order may be shipped to the wrong location which would not be ideal for anybody!

Logistics - Client’s responsibilities

Client’s responsibilities

If you have chosen to self-pickup, once all necessary transportation documents have been signed and/or exchanged with the carrier, as soon as the driver leaves Hart Print’s dock it no longer becomes the responsibility of Hart Print. Any delivery issue will strictly be handled between you and your transportation company. However in order to assist, Hart Print can provide copies of the transportation documents if needed. 

When sending your transportation company, you must also ensure that they bring all necessary equipment: correct truck size, load straps, load bars, etc. Hart Print will not provide extra equipment to drivers. We want you to receive your beautiful can’s in the best possible shape so please make sure the transportation company you send knows they are picking up this precious cargo!

Last minute changes/requests to orders (strapping or double stacking requests) will not be permitted unless special instructions are provided 72 hours in advance. Clients should be providing these special instructions when the orders are initially placed. All changes and requests that are made not within the 72 hour timeframe prior to pickup will incur a surcharge of $100.00 per pallet manipulated.