Enfin Ensemble : a can made for the community by the community

Enfin Ensemble : a can made for the community by the community

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25 May 2022

Echo Sessions Ales and Hart Print got together for the creation of this Special Edition can to inspire consumers to drink for a cause... responsibly ;)

That’s right! because $0.25 per can will be given back to the CHUM foundation to benefit thousands of their patients.

Originally inspired by the 4th edition of the JONATHAN DROUIN GOLF TOURNAMENT, and the fact that we can finally get together after 2 years ov COVID nightmare #enfinensemble, this golf theme can can be found in most specialty beer stores and Provigos around the Montreal Area. 

What’s the beer you ask? Echo Sessions is blessing us with a light and refreshing german inspired Kölsh; perfect to enjoy while playing golf, hanging out at the pool or simply celebrating the small things.

Who's the artist behind this amazing looking can? Let's face it. This can would be ugly if it wasn’t for the creative people behind it! So, let’s take a minute to aplaude the designers involved and artist Felipe Arriagada, aka @chien.champion, for blessing us with this colourful and fun illustration.

So, go get yours! and use the hashtag #enfinensemble and #unecanetteànotresanté on social media to encourage the creation of these projects.

Cheers to us!