Hart Print at BAOS Podcast

Hart Print at BAOS Podcast

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07 Sep 2022

Hart Print has been a pioneer in the digital printing service for the craft beverage industry since its creation.

Last June, the company was invited to one of the episodes of the Canadian BAOS, a podcast focusing on members of the craft beer industry and their products.

Co-founders Stephanie Hart and Jean-Pierre Paradis had the opportunity to discuss their journey, starting as an academic project during their EMBA at JMSB, into a valid and growing company.


Let’s recap a bit. Over the past decade, the craft brewing community has experienced a major transition, switching mainly from beer bottles to cans. When this happened, local microbreweries faced a limitation in terms of printing and design possibilities.

Witness to this situation, as she is an investor and partner in a Montreal microbrewery, Stephanie asked herself, "Would there be a way to digitally print in small batches on cans?".

This question was later raised and developed during her EMBA at John Molson School of Business, where Stephanie and her classmates, Jean-Pierre Paradis and Alexander Anishi, conducted research that led them to find an ideal technology in Germany. Knowing this technology would be the solution, the co-founders decided to purchase it and bring it in North America. 

And so Hart Print was born.


Since 2019, the company has been offering a digital printing service on aluminum cans. Regardless of the amount of printing, Hart Print opens its doors to all types of orders: 

"We go as high as the minimum quantities that the offset printers are looking for, but we also do a lot of smaller stuff, and that's why we got into this business. We love doing the small stuff just as much as we love doing the big stuff."

- Jean-Pierre Paradis, Co-founder, Co-CEO & Managing Director

The co-founders have always been committed to protecting the environment, as well as creating an organization that offers environmentally friendly products and services. In fact, their cans are infinitely recyclable, their packaging is made out of cardboard, and all their add-ons are eco-friendly.

On top of that, the team is always looking to bring together their love for digital printing and the art community: 

"We have a design service, under hARTLAB we call it, where we not only have great designers in-house, but we also really promote local artists to do collaborations. " 

- Stephanie Hart, Co-founder & Co-CEO 


Wanna learn more about Hart Print? 

Click here to watch the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B-lepHEL58